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  • 黑池历史
    2016 - 10 - 26
  • 黑池舞蹈节
    2016 - 10 - 26

    The Festival began in 1920 in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, you can find out more by visiting our History section.


    Covering a period of nine days this is by far the largest of all the five Blackpool Festivals. The Festival covers Ballroom and Latin American dancing, incorporating the British Open Championships for Adult Amateur and Professional couples, plus Formation Teams. 2005 saw the introduction of two new events, the British Rising Star Amateur Ballroom and Latin Competitions.

    Three Invitation events took place this year, the Professional Team Match on the Saturday, the Exhibition Competition and the Pro/Am Show Dance on the Thursday evening, created a vast amount of interest and crowd appeal. 2014 was the event's 89th year and there were 60 countries represented. A total number of 2,950 entries in the 12 events, 2 Ballroom Formation Teams and 10 Latin Formation Teams.



    Next Event: 25th May - 2nd June 2017


  • 黑池青少年舞蹈节
    2016 - 10 - 26

    The Blackpool Junior Dance Festival has been running since 1947 with young dancers from all over the World visiting Blackpool to compete. The Festival, traditionally held in the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom, celebrated it's 50th birthday in 2007 and incorporates the British Junior Open Championships. In 2010 the Festival moved to the Winter Gardens, Empress Ballroom. As tradition states, the Festival always commences on Easter Monday finishing seven days later on the Sunday. There are two age groups of children – Juveniles (6 to under 12 years) and Juniors (12 to under 16 years). There are three branches of dancing – Latin American, Ballroom and Sequence. Over the seven days there are 29 competitions, four Team Matches and three Formation Competitions. In 2014 there were over 33 countries represented at the Festival with over 400 couples, 9 Sequence Formation Teams and 66 Latin/Ballroom Formation Team's entered in the various events.



    Next Event: 7th - 23rd April 2017


  • 黑池舞蹈节(中国)
    2016 - 10 - 26

    Over 90 years after its original inception the world renowned Blackpool Dance Festival has launched its first overseas event in partnership with International Special Attractions (ISA).


    The events global expansion is part of an on-going relationship with International Special Attractions (ISA) who were the creators and investors behind Illuminasia which opened in April at the Winter Gardens and has attracted over 100,000 visitors since opening and recently announced a 3 year extension in resort. Based in Shanghai, ISA will work with the team in Blackpool on the organisation, branding and management of the prestigious dance event which will be promoted under the name Blackpool Dance Festival (China).


    The first ever overseas Blackpool Dance Festival will take place in Shanghai, China in August 2015, with the May festival taking place as usual at The Winter Gardens Blackpool.


    The Blackpool Dance Festival held each year has become one of the world’s most prestigious dance tournaments attracting in excess of 20,000 competitors & spectators from 60+ countries over the 9 day festival. Since the first event held in 1920 the Festival has become an essential event in Blackpool’s annual tourism calendar.


    Michael Williams, Managing Director of Winter Gardens Blackpool comments: “This is a great opportunity for Ballroom Dancing and will further enhance Blackpool’s positon as the number one Festival in the world. Over the past few years we have seen an influx of Chinese Dancers competing in Blackpool and for us to take elements of our Festival to China can only increase the number of dancers that will want to come and experience the magic of dancing in the magnificent Empress Ballroom. This is an historic occasion to take such a prestigious event to China which will further strengthen the Blackpool Dance Festival as the world’s most prestigious and foremost dance event’. Michael Continues ‘The expansion into China with ISA will allow more people from across the Globe to compete in the world renowned event but will also raise the profile of our own Festival held each May providing an invaluable opportunity to introduce Blackpool across East Asia.’


    Over the past 20 years Ballroom dancing has been a fast growing business in China and formed part of the governments drive for citizens to lead a heathier lifestyle, with over 50 million people now registered as ballroom dancers with official Chinese bodies. The rise in popularity has also seen an increase in participants at the Blackpool Festival who now regularly visiting from the Asia Pacific region to compete each year.

    The Blackpool International Dance Festival (China) will initially take place over 3-5 days with plans to grow the event each year, competitors will be able to compete in a full range of Latin and Ballroom dancing disciplines.


    Gary Fjelstad, ISA’s Vice President/General Manager said, " ISA is very proud to have to the opportunity of working with Blackpool to introduce the Blackpool Dance Festival to China. With our deep understanding and working relationship with people and patterns in China we are confident that this adventure will bring fruitful results to all parties involved .ISA is excited and looking forward to working with all our friends in the dance world in China.”



    To find out more about the Blackpool Dance Festival visit www.blackpooldancefestival.com.cn

    For further information please contact Blackpool Dance Festival(China) Reprentative Office on +86-21-50540406



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